Finding a sense of self

As a working single mom, I began taking self-portraits for one simple reason: in the spare minutes available in between my life's chaos, I often found myself needing a model so I could practice my craft. These moments of self-reflection — these pauses to study myself and my craft — have helped me grow in deeper ways than I could have imagined. There's a vulnerability in looking at yourself through a lens, studying your features in light, hating what you see all the while trying to find ways to learn to love it.  The pressure is off when you're free to experiment. If you haven't been in front of the camera and exposed to having to feel and move comfortably and naturally in such an unnatural situation, it's harder to be behind the camera. I have a discomfort with the stigma of photographing oneself, but I feel through my experimentation, I've become more open, more free and a found a certain sense of comfort with who I am inside and out. This is me, in the moments I've been most vulnerable, and these moments have changed everything.